PSSWF provides quality care for injured and orphaned wildlife of all species (except skunks). We are licensed to take care of threatened and endangered species and specialize in bears and mountain lions.

Having an on-site veterinary facility allows the care process to begin immediately. Our rehabilitators are medically trained and certified to treat injuries and assist with more complicated procedures that may be necessary. With our satellite facility at a full veterinary clinic in Fruita, we can better serve the entire Western Slope. PSSWF provides appropriate nutrition for building strength and improving survival rates upon release. We maintain facilities that allow us to train or assist animals in their efforts to learn or re-learn how to eat, fly, walk, or run again.

In our over 30+ years of rehabilitating and releasing animals, we've taken in thousands of wild animals in need of assistance. Our ultimate goal is to release a healthy, functional animal back into the wild where it belongs. We believe that wildlife is a very important resource in Colorado, one that must be preserved and protected.

Below are a few photos of animals we have rehabilitated and released:


Under Colorado law, it is illegal to possess any species of wildlife without a license. This is where licensed rehabilitators like us come in! We are licensed to take care of wildlife, and we have the ability to provide injured and orphaned wildlife with the best nutrition, appropriate medical care, and can usually pair them with their own kind so they thrive and learn proper behaviors for their species.

If you have found an animal you believe needs rescue, please click I've found a fawn, baby bird, baby rabbit, raccoon/fox/coyote, skunk, bat, or other animal...what do I do for advice!